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I know you probably won't see this, as this is likely a list of reddit stories comprised by an "author". It's amazing what a little bit of power does to the average fast food employee. They now find it appropriate To Enforce a mandate (not law, mandate) as if they were getting paid in law enforcement. The other day I had an employee say what six times through the plastic partition unable to hear me through them and the mask. When I pulled my mask away from my face half an inch and practically yelled, a different employee snapped at me to leave my mask on (wasn't taking off in the first place ass hat) or he would kick me out. As the CDC has announced that the masks are practically useless, and as an airborne virus Vivid walks right through any mask you see in public, masks don't stop the spread of the virus. On their packaging if you buy them at the store, they have a warning on the back stating that they are not intended to nor can they, prevent the spread of viruses, including Covid 19. All of this to say you're not a God Damn hero for antagonizing customers. You're just a brat with power going to your head.
My fiance's mother hates Donald Trump religiously, with a determination and fever that borders on insanity. He just a president in a long line of presidents, and like every person out there has good and bad traits. But when I say hate I mean hate. She believes him to be worse than the antichrist, more evil than any movie villain. I don't talk politics with her because her stance is so far beyond conversational, it's confrontational. if you disagree with her she will attack and belittle you, which makes it difficult to keep my fiance happy. Anyway, I gave her a stretch-a-trump for Christmas to antagonize her a bit. She was pissed. It was gold.

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