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And he wants her to prove she's committed and he's not doing it all so he's nta.
Going with ntj. From the sounds of it they weren't going to agree. It sounds like she only wanted the one place and that's it. Also you told her sometimes we have to let others choose, which makes me believe that she determines outings most of the time.
Ntj. Sister is. There was literally one rule, how the heck do you break that so often? Also to the one saying daughter should not be allowed to eat from the safe restaurant and should be forced to eat home cooking ytj and the idiot. That poor girl has food trauma she spent her early childhood in pain from food. She's afraid of contamination. They are not rewarding misbehavior they are helping her become comfortable with food again the only way she can. Just because intolerant isn't allergic doesn't mean it doesn't cause pain or discomfort.
Yeah ytj. Not buying the church issue. In a church in the pue where everyone literally sees everything. Just no.
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