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It says something about kids that you have to literally break the law to stop them from being royal a-holes. I might have managed not to break HIPPA but my language would have definitely cost me my job. What worthless little gits. They all deserve to have it dished right back.
I honestly feel sorry for your wife, you should be thankful she still wants to go anywhere with you now that she knows where she stands in comparison to an athlete you've never met.
If you're "ntj" because you're a kid, then I'm sorry, but ALL kids are jerks LOL. You're the reason I couldn't stand my fellow kids when I WAS one.
I absolutely love the heck out of this. The END of the story is EXACTLY what company loyalty and a blazing work ethic should get you - former bosses you can call on when the new place, two jobs down the line, falls through. My husband spent about 12 years bouncing from crappy IT job to crappy IT job trying to get somewhere stable with enough pay - some great bosses, some that suuucked, one who was just a nasty person on top of being the worst kind of boss, but he was the best he could be for each one regardless, because that's integrity. And three years ago, the current job was getting toxic and he saw an opening for one place he used to be - factory, but the same company, that he had left only because they were supposedly closing the IT at our location. While there to interview, his old boss from there saw him, called his superiors, and got him hired back at $2 more an hour than when he had left, because he remembered that my guy can kick butt and take names all day long in CS and IT both, and the company had ended up keeping their location after all. THAT is what working your @ss off is supposed to get you.
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