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Also...did she bring more people in tow to the second lesson to get them all each multiple cookies? I mean that would have been ~18 cookies. What's next she wants them boxed up to go? Lol. You are so sweet and kind. NTJ
If the niece heard 'unwanted' then take steps to address that. But it sounds like sis is projecting her baggage. Maybe not the greatest offhand comment but that is just how life works and it sounds like you went to good lengths to make sure it was interpreted right. I think that's all we can ask of ourselves at the end of the day
If I felt so alone and uncomfortable being unpartnered around my closest friends, I would find new friends not try to strong-arm the person being celebrated to do what I want. Also, if there is one stranger among a group of close people, then that's just emotional work for everyone. I think you did your best and it sucks it couldn't be talked through but NTJ. Sounds like she knows exactly how to push your buttons and make you feel guilty. I don't agree with any of the YTJ logic I've seen from commenters. She isn't asking for too much and she isn't being high handed. If it was just a trip or something sure, but it's a party of her and her fiances closest friends celebrating the upcoming big day together.
You can’t take the time you are apologizing as your opportunity to address your issues. If you want a serious discussion you have to earn it.
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