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Reading this made me tear up a little at how accepting you were of your son coming out. Im sure that took a lot for him and you're such a great dad with how supportive you are, he'll ALWAYS remember that. Most definitely NTJ. Now about your wife…… I would think long and hard about that relationship cause shes 100% being a homophob.
NTJ. DO NOT give her your mothers ring!! Run from her as fast as possible. I too took some of my dads ashes and made a ring for my mom with it. I couldn't imagine someone asking to take that from either one of us no matter how much they meant to me.
I would send every harassing message to HR and tell them if this bs doesn't stop you will be contacting a lawyer.
You literally don't owe them a single thing. Not an explanation, not an apology, nothing. Tell them your personal life and decisions are none of their business and leave it at that. Congratulations on the baby! I hope you have a healthy pregnancy.
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