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If you read it again you'll see that she says they can't split the ashes in their country.
YTJ. Grow up & quit whining. Sounds like you want to be taken care of but you don't want to make any sacrifices for that to happen. There are so many ways you can handle this situation like an adult instead of an entitled brat. Like makiing the time you spend together memorable. Life is not about instant gratification. You've indicated that this will get better over time so you need to be patient. Discuss this with your fiance. If you're really bored then GO BACK TO WORK! Don't try to force him to choose between you & his job. Are you willing to work & support him if he loses this job because he's catering to you?
YWBTJ. None of your business. Stay out of it.
Everybody is a jerk here! Your brother for being so entitled, your Mother for enabling him, you for placing such importance on having YOUR LAST FREE DAY after having had a couple months. Seriously, you all need to grow up!
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