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Totally sounds made up to me. Supposedly OP gets yelled at & cussed out by a principal & a teacher...& OP is also a teacher? And all because she made a little complaint about someone breaking the law by parking in front of her driveway? Just too farfetched!
NTJ Your Dad is obviously the jerk here. You definitely need to let a lawyer handle this. Also wanted to add that, in the US, child support depends on the state you live in. In Oklahoma child support ends at 18 unless they are in school...then I think it continues until age 23. In Texas it ends at 18, regardless if they are in school or not.
What am I missing here? I've read this several times & am not seeing where he fired her...just said her contract would not be renewed. She sounds like a real winner! First she pushes him to negotiate a raise months earlier than it was supposed to happen. Then, after he agreed, she came back & said she needed more money. Sounds to me like she probably had a friend or husband that was pushing her to ask for more since he accepted the first offer so easily. Then she storms out & tells everyone she was fired?? Sounds like she likes playing the victim.
Totally agree!
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