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It might not of been the best way but it was a good way even though I'd do something more than just the hose. As far as the jerk getting arrested, isn't happening. 1st it's a 1st offense, slap on the hand. 2nd offense maybe a fine & prohibit ownership of animals. The only way they could've got the guy in trouble is to call the police WHILE the guy is hurting them & hope that he is doing it outside in an area that be seen by police. Cuz is they had them in the house all they'd have to do is deny entry to the police. Police not going to get warrant to get the squirrels Better to call would be animal control or wild life/fish & game. They get upset w/people hurting wildlife & the fine is bigger. Also if the jackass hunts he'd loose the right to his guns.
I think the mother just did that not because he needed clothes but to show him how it feels to have to wear used clothes. It was a good lesson learned. My daughter & ther friends that I considered mine always wanted new clothes until I told them they could each have xanount to spend on clothes. They could either buy new or shop rummage sales. They learned rummage sales w/used clothes were great. They've continued to do that & they're in their 40's
The roomie is not narcissistic. She is bi-polar or manic depressive w/a couple of other things tossed in. I know cuz I'm 1 of these people. She should be on meds. Manic stage-clean everything w/in inch of its life! I've even cleaned corners w/toothbrush. I get upset then when seeing others "messes". That's because her & I will clean our part while manic but are afraid you'll leave yours & to us that pile just grows. her depressive side actually worries me. It seems like she has them for much longer periods than the manic. Depressive stage - really don't give a shit what's going on. It can stay filthy for months -even yrs- depending. And we hate to have things we know pointed out. Manic/depressive especially depressive have a short fuse. Suicidal & homicidal plays into it. I'm on meds & still get this way. I think she better get on some too. But the only thing w/meds you don't have as much manic time but still a lot of depressive. I miss my manic stage
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