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Whether or not it's "a phase" doesn't matter, the kid wants to be called a different name and pronouns than he was born with and that's not hard to do. If he decides later on that isn't who he is anymore, and switches to something else, that's not a big deal either. It's basic respect.
I had a similar experience working at dollar tree, I was 4 minutes late because I had to use the restroom and the manager called me into her office to literally scream at me about how I'm lazy and clearly don't want my job because I'm "always late" even though literally every other day that I had been scheduled I showed up early. It's just not a good place to work.
I don't knit but I used to draw a lot and I always got the "oh will you draw me?!?!" No.
If they were actually concerned with the baby's gender identity they wouldn't be forcing him into any kind of specifically gendered outfit that he CLEARLY didn't want to wear just for some cheap, transphobic laughs. It's a nonsense point to make OP look like a bigot when he's really just upset they're mistreating his son.
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