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I've noticed all the women in my workplace seem to think it's too hot constantly, but we do work near ovens, so it's definitely too hot. Other than that I've noticed several women get cold easily for sure. Like the other comment said there's a real biological factor to it. But there's no reason they couldn't just put on a damn sweater.
I used to go to a McDonald's where I quickly found out that you have to pay in exact change or they will pocket your change. Fully staffed by teenagers of course, because I'm sure you can get away with treating them worse for less pay.
How frustrating, I'm married to someone who actually will throw up if there's even one drop of pickle juice on anything they eat, and fast food workers tend to think we're assholes like these people when we tell them it's an allergy. Like idk what it is but this person cannot have anything that has ever touched a pickle, please stop putting extra pickles on their food just to be mean/funny, I'm tired of it.
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