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I swear, sometimes the replies to these types of situations are idiotic. No, you’re not the jerk. You asked them if they had food preferences and they said no. It is your home you eat certain way and they should expect that when they come over. jerk that jerk. She can starve.
You’re not a jerk. You’re an absolute piece of jerk jerk douche bag. She needs to dump you and dump you fast.
Absolutely not the jerk and it seems like your parents are the only ones with an issue with us. Does he have an issue with this? It didn’t seem like it from what I read unless I missed something.
Dogs or cats are not vegans, and they are not vegetarian’s. They are domesticated animals that live off of meat. It is just the way nature is. Stop trying to force your own lifestyle choices onto your animals! jerk idiots.
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