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NTJ!! Is there not an RA in your dorm?? This is BEYOND BIZARRE and you NEED to go to the school whether via talking with an RA, or talking YOURSELF to Student services. In the meantime, distance yourself as much as possible, stick to your guns re: boundaries and hope/pray that the baby comes early and roomie doesn't return!!
NTJ, but even a "to do"/chore list will probable (90%) fail!! Anyone - male or female - that is INCAPABLE of accepting their own faults (him getting bent that you -HAVE - to remind him) isn't likely to change. This is a product of UPBRINGING!! He's not making you into a slave, he EXPECTS you to take up where Momma left off...kowtowing to his every whim/demand and wiping his sorry a$$! The ONLY possibility of getting results will be marriage counseling and even then, from his response thus far, I suggest you start preparing for a divorce. Good Luck.
I suspect something more "sinister is afoot. You are NTJ BTW! I suspect that Julie & Todd's marriage is dicey at best, and A) Todd has made specific comment about you, or even possibly been "sleep talking" about you and Julie has become offended, thus her all out assault on you personally; OR B) Julie is one of those people who - being woefully insecure - lashes out at any female SHE sees as a potential threat to her marriage. I strongly suggest you find employment elsewhere before Julie looses whatever tenacious grip she has on reality slips completely.
Definitely NTJ. Your mother and little brother DEFINITELY are!! First, if the computer IS supposed to be yours - via a gift to only you or something you purchased yourself - your little brother's access to it is STRICTLY at your discretion! Your mother DEMANDING you allow him immediate access is SO WRONG ON MULTIPLE LEVELS I'm struggling to process her actions!! One's birthday DOES NOT GRANT one ANY special privilege, honor, or rights!! There is NOTHING that makes it a special day besides to the individual and usually their friends or family, but that is ENTIRELY DESCRETIONARY!!! You Mother (& father?) are SERIOUSLY in need of PARENTING CLASSES because they are OBVIOUSLY setting your brother up for a horrifically RUDE awakening by promoting his entitlement!! As for your BRAT of a brother, his immediate DEMAND of the computer would have lost him EVER having access to the computer EVER again!! Birthday or not, it's NOT his property and unless or until he develops some basic MANNERS rather than the ENTITLEMENT that your family has so OBVIOUSLY promoted, then he GETS NOTHING from you...use of your computer, acknowledgement of his "special " day, NADA!!!
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