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Tell me you've never worked food service without telling me you've never worked food service. In this industry a portion of your shift is for cleaning and there is no overtime. Once her relief was there, that woman became their customer and her duty was to clean in the time allotted. Again, no overtime. Also, how is it her responsibility to replace the meal when the order was read back to her twice? The customer was wrong here and replacing what she didn't want, but ordered, is nothing short of weaponizing customer incompetence.
You strung her along for over a month, deciding siblings and friends were more important and when she appeared upset, you told her to "get over herself". Know what she actually needs to get over? Her need for you. She's going to grow up, move out and write you out of her life ... and you deserve that. YTJ
An "amazing parent" wouldn't allow their child to feel less loved than their sibling. YOU noticed something was wrong and asked about it. YOU let her know she could talk to you when she was ready. YOU gave her space to process what she was feeling. When she was ready to talk, YOU found a place she wouldn't be interrupted and listened. In that moment, whether your husband wants to admit it or not, YOU became her Mom. Best wishes!
The menu is vegetarian ... hot dogs and pepperoni pizza are not. And I don't believe she's ashamed of her aunt. She is realistically looking at her aunt's disabilities and trying to take them into account. It sounds like Mom and Grandma are just jerk bent on her being included, despite how torturous it would be for the Aunt. Mom and Grandma are the jerks.
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