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NTJ - I honestly don't think you even needed to apologize. The one thing that gets me is the "I didn't say something mean so you should acknowledge that"....that is the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard. You should thank her for her not being an wacky..that's a super narsasiatic thing to say. Are you to thank every person you meet for not treating you badly. I don't even understand why she said that. She knew bringing up that she wasn't alone was going to bother you. Trust me she knew. She didn't need to mention it or she could have said a friend if she was trying to spare your feelings but she wasn't. She intentionally wanted a rise and when she didn't get it she poked more at you with the most ridiculous statement. Like who thanks someone for not being mean..I think you need to let her go. She does not see you or treat you well and if I was you I would not put up with that. I would have walked out if someone said that to me too...
YTJ - Who prioritizes a relationship with a partner over their kids relationship with their dad. You should have never asked your ex to take a step back from his daughter...like what?!? Your boyfriend sucks for even asking that of you and being so incredibly insecure and immature about your ex. When you have children you are bound to that person forever regardless of weather you are together or not. You need to co parent not push away your ex because your bf is insecure...check yourself before your kid resents you for pushing her father away from her for a bf who sounds pretty shitty to me .....
Ahaha what?? Your partner took five extra minutes and your mad..I think you need to work on your emotional reactions. Like five minutes??? I don't even have words for how silly this is... YTJ your partner sounded very accommodating and you sound a bit entitled. Relationships require compromise from both ends. If you waited an hour or more I would understand being a bit upset but crying and screaming over five minutes is not a normal reaction. SHEESH..YTJ
NTJ - I just came here to say that in no way, shape or form will a miscarriage be your fault. That is completely out of your control and if your sister is stressed about finances that's noone fault but their own. For them to even accuse you of that to make you feel guilty is a whole other level of gas lighting abuse..run away!!! Your family is very toxic. They should not be making you feel obligated to help. They are taking advantage of you and are very ungrateful. Cut contact and save your money for people who actually care about you. Something tells me if you needed help they wouldn't be there for you in the same way. Your being taken advantage of!! Please stop helping them asap!!
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