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NTA. If the success of an event depended on you supporting her weird lie, maybe she should have given you a heads up on that, and still, you do not have to go along with it.
NTA. Your mother's pride comes at a high price, and it is charged to you. Your parents need to figure this out. They should find a place (maybe in another area) to live on what they are able to bring in. People with unsteady incomes should not live in high rent areas.
I feel like they wanted to jump on the party and make it theirs, but it wasn't! It was a holiday party, and you had been engaged for only a couple of weeks. If they had an engagement party for themselves and asked you not to wear your ring, that would have been something else, but they decided to get engaged just after yours at a holiday party. You should not have been expected to hide your own ring.
NTA, You do not need your friend to protect you. You took care of it beautifully on your own. She allowed it to get to the point where she left your husband thinking you had not been innocent in the whole thing.
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