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Your brother is acting immature and pissy. He's likely mad you bought her something that he didn't have the money to, and he feels as if it's some kind of competition- it could be because others have taken it that way, but he needs to reevaluate why it's such a problem. Yall arent in love, there's no danger of it, so his reaction seems over the top.
Only pass his house when you're not alone. Ntj. This is creepy behavior. Nothing wrong with being friendly, but he's acting like he wants more and even EXPECTS it. To me, him asking you to come see him so he can feed you is a red flag. Yall don't know each other. He could be a murderer or jerk and you wouldn't necessarily know it until you couldn't get away. Avoid him when you've alone. Period.
Just ignore the haters. Ntj.
Ytah. Done with this relationship?! She is having your children! Pull your head out of your own jerk! You are more than overreacting, she likely thought it would be one less thing for both of you to worry about if friend came over to build the crib. Friend may have offered, and she accepted on the spot knowing how busy you are, thinking she was doing something nice for you AND getting the crib built. You're being crazy. Sit down, calm down, love your wife and family, and thank your friend for his generous assistance in getting yall ready for the new arrival. Again, yta. Get it together.
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