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I'm sorry but what if you don't have another child? I wouldn't exactly agree but try to compromise on that being a possibility of the middle name. I get it completely and have so many regrets with a couple of names that I wish we'd used for our children. We have our oldest son which is Jr (I'm sorry but this was a childhood dream that I wanted our first boy to be a Jr). He is not called the same as his dad but his middle name and he is glad I didn't budge. Our 2nd child was named weirdly, a girl. I was going to be Brian as a boy but we added an A because she was a beautiful girl. Middle names are Katelynn, Lynn is his oldest brothers middle name and he was excited to see his youngest brother's first daughter, And Elaine, my only bridesmaids middle name. She was a God send and best friend my entire life. 2nd girl (3rd child) is named after both my husband's sister's who accepted me as another sister (Julia Rose but their names are Julie Ann and Zandra Rose) . 4th child (2nd boy,) gets a little more complicated. Hubby's initial name was going to be Benjamin. 1st middle name is just because of this neighbor who was very intelligent and was a kind person to our family, but we changed it from Elias to Elijah to be another name from the Bible. Travis was the only dad I knew until I was married and loved me and our kids like his own blood. Our 5th child was named after 3 people, Retha was Hubby's mom's name (no middle name) Adele because we got to know and love her music at the birth of our 4th child. Ann is my mom's middle name but also Hubby's oldest sisters middle name.
ACTUALLY after age 18 it needs to be in writing at least in our state. They abandoned the child before adulthood, court should agree
Sweetheart don't you ever think that about yourself. Y'all were close by whatever reason (Friends or more, doesn't matter to me). Your friend knew how the family was and how'd they'd be. You didn't do anything wrong and have no reason to feel guilty about anything. They are a-holes, plain and simple. They didn't give a rats jerk before, why now? Get a restraining order. They can't prove crap was theirs btw. Hugs
God bless you and your wonderful family. I hope you didn't take your exs words to heart. You are a wonderful son and any mother would be proud to have a son as wonderful as you. If you nor your mom have any issues with your care giving, other people can kick rocks. Hugs and much love and appreciation from mothers everywhere. You definitely under no circumstances are the jerk here. You just love your mom like she loves and cared for you
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