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Ntj, close friends are the family we choose. I have friends who I care for deeply, and if they had a serious health flare up, and needed me, you can believe they would be my priority over some guy I've been seeing for 6 months. You were honest when you entered into the relationship, that caring for your friend was imporant to you, your ex having a melt down because you prioritized a important hospital vist, is childish. While getting some additional support to help with Jamies's future flare up is good idea, as being a caregiver can be exhausting. Your life will in no way be ruined by finding a partner who can accept your friends well being is a priority for you.
NTJ 1) these names are super cute, and not that unusual. I have meet guys with the names Phoneix, and Griffin before. It's not like your naming your kids microwave225 or something. 2) Your the parents, you get to name the kids and the family needs to just relax.

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