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I used to work late nights and came home to someone parked in my spot at 1am. Our streets are so packed I would have been lucky to find a spot 3 blocks away, not fun walking alone in the middle of the night like that. Honked a few times to try to find whoever it was, ended up attracting the attention of the night security guy who called to have the car towed. I can honestly say I laughed out loud as they took the car away. I’m glad the owner didn’t come out when I honked and I hope it was hell to get their car back.
PSA: Fast food workers can lose their jobs for serving someone on drive thru without a car. That includes store managers, as they don’t make the rules or laws.
It’s a safety hazard to ride a bike through the drive thru. They aren’t supposed to serve you there. It’s like he wanted her to lose her job.

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