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I'm on his side here. Christmas is family time and if she doesn't have one, then he should get to spend his time with his. She can choose to come or not. We did the alternating holidays thing until my family basically stopped having Christmas together after so many were going their own way so we pretty much just focus on my husband's family each year. Not Christmas morning because that's for our kids to have at home, but Christmas Eve and the 26th are usually spent with my In-laws.
Married couples usually. Not dating couples. Plus he is upset that she is taking her GIFTED money and not using it as he believes it should be used When they're married, will she be allowed to accept a gift from her mother to buy herself something or will it then be expected to go toward their house payments?
Gifted money gets used however the recipient wants. It is not unreasonable to buy Christmas decor. You sound like a dictator. I'm curious about ehat the plan for the future is. If you get her pregnant and she stays home with the baby, how will she be supported then? Will she just go without because she isn't earning? Will she be an equal partner in your relationship or another burden for you? I used to have a brother in law just like you sound. Used to have.
Is it her boyfriend or her Dad? You sound like a psycho.
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