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NTJ. Not even close. You got pregnant at 11, and then she kicked you out at 11. Nothing she does after that can make her say she's a good mom. YOU WERE 11! Where was she when you got pregnant? Why didn't she parent you enough to prevent you, a child, from having sex at that age to begin with? And then force you to
I'm not fully grasping what made her a Karen, or deserving of this. She said there was a wait, and according to your tale that's it. Instead of revengeful, I'd say you were just an ass
Great revenge- up to your throwing out his medicine. You quite literally could have killed him, and even one jerks life ending is not the same as loosing a job. Makes me wonder if you didn't deserve it to begin with. That's super shitty
Well done. I have a "mother" like that, my brother the golden child who can do no wrong, even though he has stolen and/or destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars from my grandparents, my parents, and my parents rental properties. Her solution? Buy him a house and start a company to employ him doing rehabs because he is unemployable. My revenge? My mother simply cannot handle people talking about intimate body parts. So I make a point of using the words "breast" or "boob" etc in every conversation. Christmas eve I outdid myself and managed "queef" and "vagina". She just about looses it every time, and Dad giggles.
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