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This is such a sensitive subject. I came from the same issue but mine was worse because my sister passed away and I would show guys pictures of my absolutely gorgeous sister that I miss more than anything else in the world just to have them dump me because I wasn't as good looking as my dead sister. I can't wait to see my sister again because she was my best friend. I'd have her as my maid of honor if she was still with us but I'm used to being the duff. All of my friends are better looking than me. YTJ though because you're lucky you have a sister you're close with that's alive to be your MOH.
NTJ my advice to your brother is run. My little cousin ended up in the same situation and BM got pregnant not once but twice on purpose. The first time she and her mom literally bragged about her getting pregnant on purpose and that it was going to be a child support baby. The girl was like 16 or 17 too. Then when my cousin was ready to leave she got pregnant again on purpose the second time. My cousin is finally done jerk her after so many toxic things that she and her mother have done. I wish your brother luck
NTJ that's just crazy for them to blame you for their problem child. Sometimes it's the way the parents raise the kids and sometimes this kid is born bad. They should have sent her off to military school to shape up. One of my best friends from when I was young went to military school and she ended up shaping up into an outstanding person.
Wow the entitlement of your mom. I'm 33 and after my sister died when I was 16 I gave up 2 great colleges to take care of my parents. They didn't ask me to do it but I did because I love my parents. I also knew that my parents would guilt me for leaving a year and a half after my sister died to pursue a career and life. I'm still taking care of my mom (dad passed almost 3.5 years ago) but I'm finally in school and working three jobs. Don't give up your future otherwise you may end up like me. Finish your schooling then you can shower your brother with fun trips and make memories
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