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Oh come on...people saying that wife got her feelings hurt about the comment regarding her and her MIL not having the same interests...I'm pretty sure it was already evident to the wife that she and MIL don't have common hobbies and interests. Unless wife had her head buried in the sand. If wife wants to host Thanksgiving, then she'll need to invite MIL's SO. If MIL's SO made wife uncomfortable by being creepy or making inappropriate jokes or comments it would be different. But that's not the case here...he's just quiet. Oh, the horror! NTJ
Absolutely NTJ!! It does not matter - AT ALL - what your sister thinks with regards to your choice of wearing your wedding ring and choosing not to date. It is not her life. Whether it's been 6 months or 20 years is irrelevant. Your spouse was obviously your lifepartner, and your soul mate. Your sister manhandled you and ripped a cherished memento off your hand. Sorry, she's the jerk!

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