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My husband had 3 kids 10-15 when we married. We told them they could call me whatever they were comfortable with, as long as it wasn’t something rude or disrespectful. I chauffeured, laundried, fed them, attended their events, and loved them the best I knew how. It didn’t bother me to be called by my name, and eventually they settled on a name that was affectionate and that we were all comfortable with. Don’t force them - she needs to not be hung up on the word and just be consistently positive with them.
Who gets off telling you you’re irresponsible with your finances (commenter)? She can be responsible and still jerk happens. You have no right to dump on OP.
I gained 45 lbs each oreganancy and never got it all off. YNJ for wanting to help her be healthier in her choices.
NTJ. With her known distractions, she needs to have a structure put in place. As she she proves herself capable of making the pieces, she can earn more leeway with the privileges. Why are some people so quick to equate structure with unrighteousness control? Discipline is learned and practiced and ultimately rewarded.
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