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I clearly am a lawyer. It is put up or shut up. I've identified myself and my qualifications. You have not. Therefore, you have no credibility. Again, make the call. Be happy to speak to you but I'm assuming you are simply a troll. Call . . .
Again, you are coming off as the one spewing BS. Feel free to call my office: 816 842 1102 and speak to me. Just ask for Kevin. Wrongful termination and employment law is how I make my living . . . . which is why I know this story makes NO SENSE in the United States. Could not happen b/c there is no cause of action for wrongful termination based on mistake by the employer since 90% of all employment is at-will in the States.
My name is Kevin Baldwin. I am an employment attorney in Kansas City Missouri. I have tried employment cases in state and federal court. Based on the facts alleged here, there would be NO case for wrongful termination. Here is one of my better known cases where I got a 20 million dollar award for a wrongful termination.
I don’t believe it bc I am an employment lawyer, and a former prosecutor. There is no case for wrongful termination in the United States based on those facts. None. No valid cause of action against an employer who terminated someone they believe stole, whether or not they are mistaken. It is the employee at will doctrine. That is both common sense and common law.
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