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Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.
Dude tell me who you are cause imma break up with you for the girlfriend at this point, you are definitely the jerk, id use alot worse language than that if it wasn't a forum. You guys have been together 7 years! First you just assume the cat isn't coming because for some reason you think people just have pets and leave them when then they move out??? And then when things don't go your way you drop a LIVING FECKING CREATURE AND THE PERSONS YOU CLAIM TO LOVES BELOVED FAMILY FECKING PET AT A FECKING SHELTER AND GO WELL IM NOT GONNA TELL HER. you are a manipulative, unempathetic jerk of a human who doesn't deserve the girl or the cat.
You dont want this man trust me, he's like oh no she made a mistake I wont talk to her for 2 days that'll fix it. If your best friend come to you and said her man was like that, you'd probably call him an ungrateful asshole and tell her to leave, why not treat yourself that way aswell.
 " I had to stop and tell Kevin that he needed to chill and let the other characters have their moment or leave" You gave him a choice, he left. That is on him and if the other two have seen how he is and what he does and are simply alright with that than you might be dodging a bullet there with them anyway, you are ntj, you spoke him to him one on one, you explained and he didnt listen. You have done more than enough.
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