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No you wouldn't be a jerk to complain they need to control their kids only getting 4 hours of quiet is not okay it's not your fault she's pregnant with another kid that's her choice and she still has to control the ones she already has I have a very loud 4 year old but you better believe we enforce quiet time after 10 pm and they should to it's called being a good parent and being a good neighbor
Your not the jerk at all he made the decision to quit his job without hearing your concerns and is trying to interesting in on his kids to help him run for office that's sickening. He literally took food out of your kids mouth for some stupid dream that might last 4 years at best. I'd beg him for marriage counseling and if he refuses I'd file for divorce before he ruins you and your kids life all for a dream as a politician when he had a great career as a lawyer.
Oh great teach your kids to hide from the real world just like there mommy is doing no thanks I'll take my kid outside and spend real time with them
Totally agree be an adult and make breakfast with your husband spend time with people in the real world she's the jerk and I hope he finds someone better someone who actually wants to spend time together not waste it on some dumb game
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