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Ntj but maybe this can be solved by you telling them some of this? If they are friends, they will be supportive of you getting some extra marks.
Ntj. She is a child. 12 years old is old enough for a disaster (eg. pregnancy!) and young enough that she is not in a position to be making responsible decisions. You do need to let her have a life, but that should be balanced with care, and allowing her to feel that you trust her (to a point). A party for example is fine as long as you know there is adult supervision. Have faith in yourself, and talk to your parents and ensure that they support your decisions.
Ntj - if your parents are that concerned then let them take your dog to the vet to get its teeth cleaned.
Ntj but this being the big 75, you really do need to go. But that said, you do NOT need to go there for the whole weekend. It is early enough in the planning that you can draw some boundaries now.
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