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Yes your the jerk. What, will rain make you melt? Well i guess it might, if your jerk in the shape of a human. It wouldnt hurt you to let her stand under it with you. Im raising my boys to be so much better than you
Wow. Yes your the jerk. A massive one. Two weeks? Really? I hope you never need help. Well actually maybe i should hope you DO need this kind of help and get treated exactly like your treating her
You ARE the jerk. It is ILLEGAL to interfere with a service dog. The only places that can deny entry are "clean rooms" such as operating rooms and religious establishments such as churches. It doesnt matter that "there are machines" A machine cant alert you when you are about to have an episode
Your a jerk. You dont have time, and she probably thought you wouldnt get it done. She has a right to ask a friend. YOU'RE over the relationship? NO MAN. SHE should be over it.
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