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My dad was already retired when I got the same job with an industry leader. Instead of being happy for me he was insanely jealous that I made more than he ever did.
My SO that I was living with bought a new hairdryer and was so impressed that it was 1100 watts (many years ago). It was now "the" hairdryer in the house. But when he saw me using it he told me I could not use it as I was "using it up". So I bought my own hair dryer 1200 watts and told him he should not use MINE, either. And I took mine with me when I left him.
At least the only female grandchild won't be saddled with taking care of the grands in their old age ....
Could be a set-up. She could be / thinks she is pregnant and needs to get a good guy on the hook for it.
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