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Honestly I would leave him. I would file divorce very quickly. Because I promise him and his family will make you beautiful little girl feel awful for not being a boy or worse treat her like she is a boy to live out their fantisies.
Honestly I would ditch the husband and his mother any man that backs his mom over this and wants you to back track over something she caused I would want nothing to do with. Yes it is his house as well but she stepped way over the line. If it was me I would have destoryed the picture right in front of her or better yet just throw it out the door.
You are a good aunt, please keep her with you because if you send her home she will probably run again but this time some place else since you sent her back. This way you know she is safe. As far as your family just ignore them. Especially since you already know how they are. Which is why you left as fast as you could. She needs you right now and that is what matters. I wish I would have had someone like you when I was trying to get away from my family.
NTJ! These people saying YTJ are wrong. My husbnd has been getting me flowers every pay since we have been together starting in 2009. He doesn't go to a fancy flower shop or get some type of fancy flowers. Usually they come from Wal-Mart market when he stops to get gas for the week. It doesn't bother me even after all these years from getting what people call Wal-Mart flowers. The reason it doesn't bother me is because after all these years he still thinks about me and wants to show his love for me and that is what matters. Not the type of flower or where he buys them. I believe it is the thought that counts and the fact that he gives them to me from his heart and his love for me and that is what makes all those Wal-Mart flowers so special.
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