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NTJ! I believe in being totally upfront and honest with my partner/spouse. I am married and that is a rule betwwn us. That we are always honest with each other even if our feelings get a little hurt. I would never build some one up just to watch them get their hopes and dreams crushed. Because that is what WILL happen. Then at some point whe your paryner actually has to get a grown up job because they couldn't be discovered, your partner will turn it around and blame you. Asking why you didn't say anything. I have seen it happen to many times in life. And if honesty pulls or breaks you apart then let it. Because honesty should never be a problem but lying is always a problem.
As a woman I totally agree with you. I used to live and work in Las Vegas, started as a shot girl and worked my way up to blackjack dealer and let me tell you that if I would have walking in screaming about not wanting to wear make-up I would have been fired on the spot. Make-up was considered part of our uniforms. I personally would tell her and the rest of the women they knew the dress code when hired, therefore they are refusing to adhere to it and that you will be replacing them. I am so sick of all this "woke" crap. And trying to force their views on everyone around them. It is and always has been part of your dress code. Therefore refusing to adhere to it means grounds for termination.
My son did this to me as soon as he got married. Her family was and will always be put first. I tried what you did but then after awhile I just said screw it. I let him know that since we as his family always comes second that I was done even trying. That was 10 years ago and I only hear from him every once in a while. His wife pushed for this and it was his choice. But I just had to stop trying because all it did was upset me and it just wasn't worth it. The funny part was a few years ago he called and asked if we would pay their rent that month because she had lost her job. It hurt like jerk but I told him no that we would not help them. That the only time they contacted us was when they needed something and to call her family for help. And that was that we went back to just how it was before. It still hurts but sometimes you just have to let it go.
I would have charged her and then brought them to the party with your logo on it. Because I will bet some people from the wedding would have been there. It is never right for some one to take credit for something some one else did. NTJ!
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