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I'm a non drama, no bs kind of person. I am 61 years old and decided years ago to be drama free and I keep to myself for the most part. I've tried too many times to be friendly to only have it thrown back in my face. I keep a very small tribe as a result

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It really isn't you're business what Nemo does or doesn't do. YTJ
NTJ - Aside from the crazy MIL do you really want to be with a guy who can't even stop enabling his mentally ill for a minute and disregard your feelings on the subject. This is a very serious red flag. Enabling is in itself a mental disorder. Since you own the home outright tell your fiancee that the enabling must stop or it will ruin your future marriage.
NTJ. Your sister's bf is a thief. He should be prosecuted as such. I swear people are just blind to their partners bad behavior and end up alienating their own family because of it
NTJ Geez I thought my ex in laws were bad!!! They are directly responsible for raising a narcissist and when I would have problem with him or them, they'd gang up on me. Been such a relief to be away from him and his awful family. My kids are adults so there is no reason for me to interact with him. In your situation I'd think putting a tracker on your car would be considered stalking. Regardless of what your husband thinks get a restraining order against his sister that covers both you and child. These family members that have no sense of boundaries or even morals probably cause half of all divorces. You absolutely need your husband to support you on this issue. To call what his sister did an overreach is an understatement. Run, far, far away
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