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I'm a non drama, no bs kind of person. I am 61 years old and decided years ago to be drama free and I keep to myself for the most part. I've tried too many times to be friendly to only have it thrown back in my face. I keep a very small tribe as a result

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A man who will stay unemployed over and extended period of time and expect you to stay quiet about it is a Jerk. Not you, him. Run to your nearest divorce attorney. He's not going to change so you need to decide whether he's worth all this nonsense
So she has food allergies and health issues but she's outside smoking with you?? You're not the jerk!! She's a drama queen. My husband is the same way. When I had breast cancer, suddenly his nerves couldn't stand and he declared he's having a nervous breakdown. These kind of people are NARCISSISTS
NTJ! What if you had something seriously wrong were you supposed to lay on her kitchen floor and die? I wouldn't bother even speaking to her again
NTJ. With friends like that who needs enemies? Go find friends who are not immature toxic Barbies
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