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wacky your cousin and interesting her kids. They ALL knew, including the kids what was allowed. And that "single mom" bullshit, you know what happens to single moms that dont take care of their kids? They LOSE them.
Your parents probably went without everything they could to keep you in clothes and food. You're an absolute thingy for throwing your rich in laws in their faces. I hope you realize it quickly that thingy doesn't make a good person and apologize to your folks.
You are absolutely the jerk. If you cant be a proper parent to the children you already have then, NO MATTER those wishes, dont take on more children. You're a wacky parent that put another adult's wishes above your child's needs. So your broken car is going to ruin other of your children's needs. Look into CPS because they're probably going to become a big part of your life
You and your family are disgusting human beings and that girl deserves a WHOLE lot better than ANY of you. I hope she goes full no contact with you and I hope grandma has an iron clad will keeping all you scum away from everything.
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