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Contact building management. You paid for it it’s yours!
Please get an attorney immediately if you have not already done so! Even if it’s costly I believe it will save you money in the future. Also, the ring camera at the door is a very good idea. And I like the idea of posting your story on your social media. If they continue to push an attorney might suggest a restraining order. You do you need to have complete control over both your finances, power of attorney, and power of health. Make sure it sticks!
I am confused about it being the father-in-law‘s wedding but you were seated next to your mother-in-law. That being said you are NTJ. I would not have confronted the father-in-law at his wedding though I would have simply left the instant I spotted that I was set at the mother-in-law‘s table. I probably would also not have any contact with the father-in-law or his new wife for a long time if at all.
NTJ. She’s being ridiculously picky and won’t except a gift card? Give her a gift card anyway and if she complains mention her previous complaints. She will never be happy with anything you give her guaranteed.
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