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Sorry, but I agree with your dad. She doesn't want children. She loves her nephews, but she doesn't want to deal with Dylan's outbursts. It's her choice not to take him too far from home and to want you to be there if he has a meltdown.
I agree with rbleah. If you think he'll change you're a mistaken. He won't. This is when you need to take a deep breath and slowly release it. If you were to marry him, or be in a long-tern relationship, could you deal with this? If it drives you crazy now, imagine how you'll feel five years from now. Accept him for the person he's shown you he is, or move on with your life without him. It's time for you to make a hard decision. Good luck.
NTJ. Retired teacher here. It sounds like you live in the US. You can go to local churches to see if they have supplies set aside. I know my church does this. Doing that will go around the red tape your district is imposing. I don't know why this type of nonsense happens. It's becoming more difficult to do the job. So frustrating. Good luck.
YTJ. Sorry, really. I hate to say it. She doesn't owe your child an expensive gift because she has money. I know you felt it wouldn't create a dent in their money. But to expect it is wrong.
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