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She made her choice at the time and it wasn't you. You have a good life now so don't mess that up by buying into her sob story. My mother was verbally and emotionaly abusive as I grew up. I eventually started having migraines and got a bleeding ulcer. I then decided to move on. I cut her out of my life insofar I never spoke to her again. After a few years she asked my siblings and their partners why I no longer spoke to her. I sent her a letter listing the reasons and asked her to just leave me alone. Up until she passed away she continued to pretend she didn't know why I wouldn't speak to her. i, on the other hand, lived trauma free.
I find you all absolutely clueless! She told her mother several times she was only loaning it and that she wanted it back. How this changed to a gift in her mother's mind is beyond my understanding. I bet if it was something important to you all, you'd have something different to say.
Nope! YTJ and you must be male if you think a good bra can be found for $10. Not only is she pregnant and sole support of the family, but her breasts have changed due to the pregnancy. She needs support in more than one way. He needs to step up and get a job other than selling his blood. He also needs to listen when she talks.
Sorry, but those of you who say the family are not the jerks are the jerks yourselves! You can't decide who you fall in love with. They started as friends and then fell in love. The family was totally in the wrong in the way they acted. I say that if they refuse to do as the couple asks, the couple should just move on with their lives without those who wish to do them harm. Who knows if at some future date the family won't do the same thing if the couple does something else to displease them?
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