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I don't know where you live, but when my god daughter was born, I wrote out a piece of paper that stated I have the legal right to have her treated, no matter what the illness or injury. We took it to the bank and had it notorized. It was all legal and we renewed it every year. She's 8 now.
NTJ, but where was the sitter for the baby? Was dad just expecting his niece to be there for him or was he actually using the nanny cam as a sitter and got busted when the niece left? Is this really about a dirty diaper or the fact that dad left the baby alone with someone he hadn't asked if she'd even be there for the baby? It sounds very sketchy to me. Dad watching on the nanny cam as the niece was leaving, had he even asked her to babysit or just left her alone with the baby, not knowing she's was leaving? I'd check into that.
NTJ, Your sister stole money from you. Your parents are responsible for her since she's a minor, so they should reimburse you and ground her until she's 18. That way they have time to teach her the things they haven't thus far, like not stealing. Tell your parents to pay for your cat's vet visit. As for the smoking, you both should quit while you can. It's very addictive, expensive and bad for your general health. It also makes you smell. I can smell a smoker from several feet away and it's often hard to keep from throwing up all over them. Consider quitting and quickly.
NTJ, but let me tell you if BIL is a fugitive, your place will be the first place they look and you and your wife will go to jail and probably lose custody of your own drawer child. Tell your wife absolutely no way. The same goes with the nephew. You'll be charged with kidnapping and I probably lose your child. Do not agree to either one,. No matter what your wife says.
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