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NTJ. You need to seriously evaluate whether this is how you want to spend the rest of your life. Your husband is a mama's boy. He will always take his mother's side. He will always try to "keep the peace" with her. Think of your future children and how she will force her will on them as well. You will be undermined if she doesn't agree with your decisions case in point, your choice not to accept or wear the ring. You have every right to not follow their tradition and get your own ring. Reconsider actually marrying into this toxic and dysfunctional family.
NTJ. I'm Christian but I have studied other religions. Even as a child I had questions about stuff I was being taught. I think it's great you're not forcing any beliefs on your daughter. She will ultimately make the decision to remain atheist or choose to embrace Hinduism or some other religion. It's something she has to live with at the end of the day.
NTJ. This woman is 35 and acts like a toddler. Your daughter has a newborn. You need to go to her house to cook for her. You are under no obligation to deal with a toxic person on the holidays or any other day. Congratulation to you and your daughter.
YTJ. The way you describe your feelings for Ella makes you sound like the wicked stepmother from Cinderella. Asking you to respect her boundaries was the least that he could do as a father. Just because you came into her life doesn't mean you get to trample all over her boundaries and disregard her as a person. The fact you openly admit dislike for your stepdaughter is appalling. Ava dislikes Ella because you dislike Ella. She's following in your footsteps and picking up cues from you. You didn't say that their dad doesn't do anything for Ava for Christmas. He may not do things equally but as the elder by 14 years she has different needs than Ava does. You sound like an entitled jerk.
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