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what kind of grown man, gives a 10 year old child the silent treatment? Your husband is a complete A-hole, spoiled baby! Which is beyond disgusting.
Wth? Did they all really expect for you to continue on partying and being Mr. Host with your wife horribly upset and crying, locked in her room of her own house? Crazy! I understand inconvenience for people who traveled, but, they should all be compassionate that your wife is having a hard time right now, and what your brother said was cruel. You are NTJ!! They are .
I don't think its weird. She's your neice!! Not like you asked some lady at the park to bathe her kid. I agree, on your homophobic hunch about his attitude . I question why your mother agrees. I suppose, maybe she deep down disapproves or she has some need to please the SIL. I think it was a perfectly sweet bonding moment with your new neice and sister, BIL can kick rocks!! Mom too!
No. But you need to line everything put on paper. Make a chart and list expenses and duties in a comparison for him to be able to see, and for yourself. May take a bit for you to document and be accurate.
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