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oh ok so your one of those di**heads who believes a child, as this one was only 15 when his parents started taking his money, should pay for their own living? So its the child's fault for being born rather than the parents choice to have them. So you believe children should pay for living with their parents? Since this parent is making his child, that he chose to have, pay for his own food while living at home. So yea, I'm the one who hopes you don't have children, and if you do good luck having a healthy relationship with them
thats exactly what I mean. They have been horrible to her, why hide she's leaving them, she has no reason to be scared/worried about doing what is best for her, she needs to just grab her stuff, vent on them a little and go. She doesn't need to feel worried about leaving this crappy situation these people are putting her in.
NTJ tell her that if she chooses to push this issue then you want half for the rental car etc that you paid for
NTJ I went through this for years with my grandparents. They believed it was on me to travel hours to see family, but when I was in they couldn't travel literally 1 minute over the hill to come and see me. It was always on me to travel to them because I was the "child". Stand your ground, keep all communication through text/email/written in the event they do try and pull some crap on you. You have written proof that you offered to let them see the child. Also get the father to text you why he doesn't want them alone with your child
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