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NTJ. And, honestly, with such a narcissistic, overly-dramatic personality, I'd be surprised if she's still married. Don't be surprised to get asked to be a bridesmaid at her second or third wedding.
Do your damn job. That is an entirely inappropriate task to ask a CNA to do for you. You sound very childish. You seem surprised that you were sacked for not letting your employer know where you were for 3 days. Even if you are hospitalized, it's reasonable to expect you or your emergency contact to notify your employer. It is reasonable to expect to complete your assigned job tasks even if you don't want to interact with the person getting the meal. You need to grow up and be thankful that CNA didn't get you fired for being so disrespectful and refusing to do your job tasks.
Oh, sweetie, if you seriously think your younger children aren't having 'naughty thoughts' all on their own, I hate to shatter your fantasy world. There is nothing that your son's partner can do, by simply existing in the body God gave her, to actively cause or eliminate your other children's sexual thoughts and feelings. They are entirely responsible for managing their own thoughts and impulses and if you are teaching them otherwise you are putting a heavy and unfair burden on other people to cater to the results of your poor parenting.
This mother sounds crazy. She was working near the site of your field trip so she stalked the event until she found you, then didn't believe you when you said you weren't cold so bought you a coat you didn't need or ask for, then got mad at you for being ungrateful? Damn, is she still trying to breastfeed you too? And the comment "she's a child and isn't aware of herself" is creepily infantilizing. If you're old enough to go to an outdoor market on a field trip, you're old enough to determine your own body temperature and comfort. Tell mom I said she should get some hobbies and adult friends because this level of obsession is going to drive her over the brink when you leave for Uni.
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