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Why don't you just get up and fill his water bottle for him? Fill it, set it by him, and keep yours by you. Also, do you track your water consumption to the exact ounce? Do you have a medical condition that requires you to know exactly? If not, loosen up. It's water.
I would find out if they were getting government compensation for adopting you. I would also check if there was any if insurance that should have been paid to you. Also, talk with the financial aide counselor and find out if you can file for aide as homeless. That used to be a work around when parents made too much but offered no financial help for college.
Girl, you've got to get out. He will, likely, never be independent. My step daughter has been doing the same thing for a decade. She blows her money on curious and starbucks then manipulates everyone around her to buy her groceries, clothes, etc. She once got mad because someone gave her daughter a presentinstead of spending hundreds of $$ on her. Hen she gets vaguely called out, she has a tantrum. Your bf is a lost cause.
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