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Soft you’re the jerk. You had no malicious intentions, but you did jump the gun though. The correct thing would have been to introduce your SO’s parents as SO’s mom and dad, Mr and Mrs Smith, or even Mr Bob and Mrs Jane if you wanted a more informal introduction. Good intentions, but not so good execution.
I have two tattoos, my fiancé has several, and my ex wife has a few. We all three have an artist that we love, and one that we will never go to. There’s one in my hometown that is a great artist, and a great service minded business, but he’s also got a reputation as a heavy handed artist whose work tends to take a longer time to heal and his work tends to look faded for a while for some reason. I don’t have firsthand experience with him, however I do know several people that have had him do tattoos for them and they weren’t happy with them for a while.
Totally not a jerk. You explained the situation and gave options to remedy the issue. She decided to go with a known safe option. Your brother, on the other hand, thinks the issue wasn’t worth the mild inconvenience. I can understand apologizing to the niece if she was really looking forward to wearing the dress, but she took it in stride
Not the jerk, however you should have brought up your feelings about it sooner. From what you said about your niblings reactions, your aunt may have been laying groundwork to tell them or even have you let that particular cat out of the bag. It honestly doesn’t seem like it was malicious or anything like that, but I’m not involved with your family or the way it works. Do forgive her for your own benefit, don’t let the anger fester. Sit down and write her a letter, email, or even a private message on a shared social media platform and tell her exactly what she did to hurt you and how it affected your relationship with her. Give her benefit of doubt and give her a chance to try to redeem herself and make it right.
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