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In no way are you the jerk. You aren't her patent. You didn't seek her out. She has parents and should have prepared better during high school. We had something similar happen and suddenly we were being asked for huge sums of money for whatever reason. This was coming from a grown man with a family and both he and his wife had good careers. Once he came for a visit and saw how well we were doing, it was open season for him to ask.
NTJ. Start punishing her after the first time you have to repeat yourself, before you get so mad you start yelling.
You stole his stuff, sold it, then refused to give him the money? If I were him I'd have called the cops and pressed charges
You are most certainly NTJ. PEOPLE DONT GET TO PICK AND CHOOSE WHEN TO BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING TOWARDS A CHILD. Read that again . Your sister is a pathetic excuse for a human being and no way would she be allowed to interact with my child after all this time. Her reasoning is the child is no longer screaming baby blah blah blah. That's a load of bs. Her actions at the baby shower proves that.
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