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@ohgodcinnabons EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS! Beyond frustrating! So many entitled kids here in the USA who complain about EVERYTHING, I can nearly 100% guarantee this was not in the USA!
You are a TOTAL PSYCHO! HE wanted a relationship with YOU, and you continually rejected HIM, insisting on a FWB arrangement. When he decided to find a REAL relationship with somebody else, you flipped your bitch switch and accused HIM of cheating! NEWS FLASH: he didn’t cheat, he grew up and MOVED ON. You, on the other hand, went completely off the rails to seek “revenge” on him for something that was your OWN FAULT! You need to continue your therapy, because you clearly don’t have a mature understanding about healthy relationships, love, trust, and betrayal!
This story is so sad! YOU’RE the ass***e here! Did it ever occur to you that he has social anxiety or is being abused at home, and THAT is why he’s so introverted/inappropriate? Maybe he doesn’t have good social role models at home! He sounds like he’s very insecure and is crying out for help and attention because he’s so neglected at home... Instead of a brutal “reality check,” how about TRYING TO BEFRIEND HIM and understand what’s REALLY going on!?! What about telling a teacher about your concerns or referring him to the school counselor for help with his social issues? maybe he’s on the autism spectrum disorder and he can’t help it and he’s not diagnosed diagnosed yet… There’s 1 million other reasons he could be behaving the way he is!!

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