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I would stop doing more than just his laundry... I wouldn't cook for him, shop for him, etc
Why the heck weren't they watching their kid?!?! It's their own fault, he is NOT your responsibility, they want it to be your fault so they don't feel like the shotty parents they are
If your roommate wanted to host their parents for that long they should have gotten their own place. Period. It is absolutely an unreasonable ask. I would get out of that lease ASAP because if your roommate thinks they can just dictate something this big to you, I can only imagine what else she'll do. Tell her to put them in a hotel, hotels give discounts for longer stays and it will probably even out the rise in the utility bills that it would cost them to stay at your place
It depends ds on your reasoning but given that you weren't inclined to share the reason, I'm leaning towards believing you were just being petty and that your the jerk. Have you considered what happens if your birthday falls on one of his days?
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