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If you live in the US, then you should apply for SS Disability for him and Medicaid from the State that you live in. Once you get these, ask the doctor to put in a request for round the clock nursing care at home for him. You and the rest of the family will be able to rest and recover and you can ask the nurses for updates on him on a regular basis whether that's daily, twice weekly, once weekly, Etc. If not the US but a different country, check into what resources are available to help with in home nursing care. Otherwise a nursing home might be best for him and the family.
I started having chores just before my sister got married. Mom took each of us boys (4 of us) into the kitchen and taught us how to cook. So after my sister got married and moved out, we all knew how to make a good meal. My 3 brothers decided they didn't want to cook, so it was left to me. Then they didn't want to do dishes, throw out the garbage or clean the kitchen, so that was left to me also. Then one Saturday, while I was helping mom cook dinner, the sink was full of dirty dishes, the garbage had not been taken out and the kitchen floors were very dirty. My father asks who is doing the dishes, who is taking out the garbage and who is supposed to clean the kitchen and dining room floors. My brothers all pointed to me. My father it doesn't work like that. If I'm cooking, then each of them is going to do one of the other chores or else. After a couple of years fighting them on that stuff, my father finally came to the rescue.
You should have Carter and Jack go to the professor and tell him that Anna is lying. She is having the cast party and you are having a small party of friends to celebrate your birthday. Which has nothing to do with the professor or the cast of the show. So, the professor should butt out.
If she is constantly asking for help to pay off debts, then I would take a look at what she is spending her money on. She may not be buying anything fancy, but if she order out for dinner or goes out to dinner often, that could max out a credit card real fast.
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