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Ditch the jerk. He is supposed to be your partner and support you but he thought it was funny. It's not funny when the subject of the joke isn't laughing. You deserve better. Find someone who is a true partner and who will stand up for you
NTJ and I see your siblings agree with you. Mommy and Daddy Dearest have created a monster so if they want GC to have what she wants they better start pooping gold coins because you are not wasting your hard earned money on your spoiled sister's demands and they are not needs. Let baby daddy pick up the tab. She is being beyond ridiculous. Who does she think she is? Does she want to compete with someone who has a billion dollar lifestyle? She needs a rude awakening and a dose of reality. Guess Mommy and Daddy are now reaping what they sowed. Be sure to let your siblings know that everyone here says NO - do not spend that type of money on her or her baby
Get your brother to help you find a salon. Be sure to find out prices before committing because some salons are higher then others. Do you have any friends from school or neighborhood that you could ask for a recommendation for a stylist? Check to see if there is a good beauty school in your town. I know we have a Paul Mitchell School here. Schools offer services at very low prices because they are in training but rest assured they are supervised by highly trained staff. Good Luck.
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