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And thats why they give the option to skip the class and just do the tests. If you actually dont need the training, you can test out. Honestly if your job hinges on you passing the tests, its pretty dumb to risk your job over a few hours of training.
Kind of irritating the manager got ticked before asking OP what happened. Its awesome that they had OPs back once they realized what actually happened though.
My bf is on the spectrum (he refers to it as Aspergers) and yeah he does have some quirks and I've had to adjust how i think about our relationship and how he shows love. And absolutely none of that is any kind of red/yellow/orange flag. I may not be super interested in a 5 hour breakdown of every Star Wars movie, in order, but i know they make him happy and hes just sharing something with me that he loves. If I thought someone was making fun of him for being himself, i would be ticked at THEM. I wouldnt insult my bf for being himself. Hes freaking amazing exactly the way he is. But he does have some insecurities from people treating him like theres something wrong with him. It breaks my heart when he talks like i settled for him or like he isnt good enough to date. Knowing others treated him that way, they need to be glad i wasnt there when it happened.
NTJ. You said your uncle was NOT in a relationship when he fathered the cousin. So her existence would NOT destroy his family. However your aunt hiding this from him and calling the cousin may destroy it. Your aunt and uncle werent even together when this happened. Aunt has no right to be pissed and lash out over something that happened when your uncle was single. I'd say tell your uncle. He has a right to know and the cousin has a right to medical info that could help her child.
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