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You realize college doesnt automatically open to each person on their 18th birthday right? So between the 18th birthday and the start of schoo, she'd be homeless. And there are sports options that are not extracurricular. Church teams, sport summer camps, both which give sports time and dont count as extracurricular activities. Theyve kicked her out of the house for the last 4 summers because they dont want her in the house. Why are you trying so hard to defend abusive parents? Yeah dorms can be fun but they sure as jerk dont make up for being abandoned by your parents.
If the twins dont see thwir parents or siblings again, thats their parents fault. That woukd be the parents decision to cut contact with their own children because the parents thought the kids would haye having a home that doesnt move. Not everyone loves the travel life. As parents youre supposed to help your children become functional adults. Forcing them into a lifestyle they hate isnt parenting. Demanding your sister make your kids miserable just to get your way is sick. These kids wanted security. They got security. Too bad their parents had no interest in being the ones who provided that for them.
So you claim to be all "mistakes happen and its ok, lets be calm", but immediately revert to yelling and screaming when you get upset? Pretty hypocritical there. Then you double down and kick mom and kid out over one disagreement? What happened to the "we can talk it out" method you claim to use? Congrats, you just showed your daughter that if she messes up and makes you mad ONCE, you'll kick her out. You should have explained to your daughter that what Aunt did was wrong but even grown ups make mistakes. Then you send the kids to a friends house and sit down and discuss what happened and your feelings like rational adults. But even that wasnt enough for you. You are so self righteous about her yelling at your kid..but then you proceed to THREATEN hers! "Do what i say or I'll call CPS"? You shot right ahead of her in the crappy person department. Kids die in CPS care, kids are horribly abused in CPS care, kids are raped in CPS care. And youre willing to throw her son to the wolves if you dont get your way? Guess you didnt break that jerk streak after all.
So your suggestion is to tell a kid who just found her dad and also just found out she will be losing him again soon, forever, that her mom and stepdad wont love her or treat her the same as before? Holy jerk thats a lot of emotional manipulation and gaslighting. Thats a horrible idea. Most people know love doesnt have a limit. You dont get X number of people to love in a lifetime and if you exceed it, you have to withdraw your love from someone. She can love and value her stepdad AND her dad at the same time. Wanting her dad to celebrate the last birthday he will likely be able to see isnt an insult to her stepdad. jerk, her mom and stepdad should be following her example of loving and forgiving someone that hurts you. Their actions are showing that if someone hurts you have to cut them out forever or you dont deserve the love of other people in your life. Which, ironically, is what she will then do to them. Theyre hurting her and, following their stellar parenting example, she should then cut them out of her life forever.
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