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My mom left a mess in my car with Trash pushed up under the seats. It took me three hours to clean it. Now when she visits she has to rent a car.
You’re a jerk. My sister n law has been with her boyfriend for 8 years. I have sent him birthday cards and Christmas presents for 8 years. I don’t care if they’re married or not. He’s still family.
My mom was late to my brothers wedding because she just doesn’t care and is ate to everything. I made her a special invite to my wedding with a two hour show up tie to every single thing. Se was on time for once.
YTJ do you even understand postpartum?!? It’s real and I wish your wife would go stay with her family and actually get support. Your mom is not there to help if she is treating your wife this way. Get off your butt and help your wife.
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