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Huge red flag!! Dump your girl, run and don't look back. 100000% NTJ
I wonder how many others have been duped by him. I'll bet many. And I'll bet if they said something to him he asked them to keep his secret. NTJ, but I know who is
If you and your husband back down on this, you'll be backing down on every decision made for your child for as long as they live or your divorce, whichever comes first. Sounds like you and your husband are united in the decision to not raise your children in any faith. Stick to your guns and tell your husband to handle his parents and grandparents. NTJ
First, my condolences on the loss of your husband. I can't imagine your pain... NTJ. I agree with what SourNotes says, to a point... Tell your sister you'll hear her out. I guarantee if everything you said is true, she or her husband will let their true colors show and prove once and for all that your initial choice is the right one. Then just say that you'll consider it. Then change your will without telling anyone. I'm assuming your brother and his husband have already agreed to your suggestion or you wouldn't be posting this here. So continue down that path and make the change, only letting your brother know and swearing him to secrecy. If things go in the natural progression of life, this will never become an issue and you'll change your will accordingly when your children come of age and no longer need this parachute. Unfortunately, it's the only way to keep the peace.
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