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"They want it to be 'just family'"... Umm... you ARE family!! I guess he forgot that being his daughter makes you part of the family. Go low or no contact for a while. See if your dad reaches out. If not, you know the story. NTJ
I'm curious... Are you an only child? If not, does she treat your siblings like this? She sounds horrible either way. You did nothing but call her out on bad behavior and present her with options which she chose to exercise. NTJ. Go back to low or no contact for a while and definitely let her know why.
Who gives baby clothes to an adult for their birthday? Nice way to make you feel unimportant... Everyone who gifted you baby stuff for YOUR birthday is the jerk here. Everyone who said you're selfish or ungrateful also fits the bill.definitely are NTJ.
You are right, your husband is wrong. Even if you didn't have regrets about not doing certain things, your advice is sound and your support for your daughter and her decisions is perfect. NTJ
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