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jerk can't believe I forgot about the liberal agenda that... Hitting people is bad but especially those smaller and weaker than you? I think you're the one that needs to see a psychologist.
This isn't something petty. This is literally textbook emotional manipulation BY HIM and it is NOT acceptable
The post mentions severe PTSD and specifically calls the animal a service dog. These days service animals can be trained for more than just physical support, and mental health *service* (not emotional support) dogs are trained to take note of impending panic attacks or flashbacks. They can provide a distraction for their owner, guide them to sit down in case they might fall, even lay down on top of their owner which can be helpful.
Removing yourselves from the situation for a bit is useful, and then maybe see if a friend who has a dog (just a pet, but a well trained one who won't go bounding over to play with the baby) can come over so you can work with your kiddo one on one in a less hectic environment to learn not to pet ANY dogs without permission, and once they've gotten that down with the friends dog, see if sister would be willing to come over, just her and her dog, and make sure kiddo knows even with a different dog. And explain it to the toddler *why* you shouldn't pet that dog or really any dogs without permission. At this age they probably won't quite get it, but the seed of understanding will be planted and they'll grasp it quicker eventually than if you'd just waited until a certain age.
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